E-mu Emulator 1981
E-mu Emulator II 1984
E-mu Emax 1986
E-mu Emulator III 1987
E-mu Emax II 1989
E-mu EIV Series 1994
 Drum Machines:
E-MU Drumulator 1983
E-mu SP-12 1985
E-mu SP-1200 1987
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This site is entirely dedicated to the wonderful samplers and drum machines produced by E-mu Systems in the early eighties up until the new millenium.

I have decided not to include the ESI family as you can tell from the menu to your left, but I will probably include it at some point in the future. It is not that I don't know anything about the ESI series, but honestly my main interest it with what you see in the menu to your left, and hey; I run the site - ok ?:-).

Should you have anything you want to tell me or should you find any errors or bugs on this site please don't hesitate to let me know. You can always contact me via the contact page.

A big thank you to Rob Keeble who used to run Emulator Archive for providing material to be used on this site where ever it makes sense.

Kenneth Abildgaard

Date: Update:
11th of Feb. 2013 Uploaded more manuals.
7th of Jan. 2013 Uploaded the Emulator Service Manual on request.
2nd of Jan. 2013 Uploaded the Passport Alchemy 3.0 manual. Thanks to Alexander :-)
17th of Dec. 2012 Added the E-mu Systems SP-12 Service Manual to the site.
24th of Nov. 2012 Uploaded an interview I once did with Dave Rossum - the founder of E-mu Systems - asking him questions about the time at E-mu Systems.
14th of Nov. 2012 Ok ok .. It's been a LONG time since anything happened here. Thanks to Brian Rønn for reminding me :-).
I have uploaded some info on the EIIIX series; info on the units themselves and the operating system.
13th of August 2012 Added information to the Emulator page.
Also uploaded and published the SP1200 Service Manual
11th of August 2012 Uploaded my old E-mu sampler comparison of the transposition of the Emax, Emulator and Emulator II samplers. Also there is a filter comparison of the Emax and Emulator II - you'll probably be surprised by the difference - I was.
Check it out on the Media page.
6th of August 2012 Updated the Emax, Emulator III, Oberheim DPX-1, Drumulator, 'Media' and the 'E-mu related links' pages.
Take a look !
1st of August 2012 Added two Oberheim DPX-1 User Guides to the Documentation page.
Also fixed some small bugs here and there.
31st of July 2012

Site is officially launched. LOTS of work to be done still though.
Hope you enjoy it and let me know if you find any errors or if there is stuff you'd like to see being added.

Pictures added to the Emulator and SP1200 pages and some text is available on the Emulator II page.
Documentation is also looking good at the moment.



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