E-mu Emulator 1981
E-mu Emulator II 1984
E-mu Emax 1986
E-mu Emulator III 1987
E-mu Emax II 1989
Operating System
E-mu EIV Series 1994
 Drum Machines:
E-MU Drumulator 1983
E-mu SP-12 1985
E-mu SP-1200 1987
Other stuff:
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16-bit Digital Sampler
Stereo, 16 voices
44.1/48kHz sample rate
3U rack version
Digital filters (G-Chip)
Up to 32 MB sample RAM
3.5” Diskette
Internal HD option

Base Models

8MB RAM, no hard drive
EIIIXP Model 6100
EIIIXS Model 6103

Turbo Models
Internal Hard Drive
EIIIXP Model 6101
EIIIXS Model 6104

XP has digital I/O
XS has analog 1/O as well
EIIIXP Model 6100
EIIIXS Model 6103
1500+ manufactured
Launched in 1993
Withdrawn in 1995

Up to 32 MB Sample RAM
8MB cost $495
Analog Sampling $495
105MB Hard Drive £750
Remote control software
Sample Editing Software

Latest OS
OS 2.10

US prices new
EIIIXP $3995
EIIIXS $4495
EIIIXP Turbo $6495
EIIIXS Turbo $6995

Operating System Versions

The Emulator IIIx was released with a stripped down version of the EIII Operating System - EIIIx OS Version 1.0. However it was quickly upgraded with new DSP features, that went beyond the EIII capability (thanks to the EIIIx G-Chip).

You can check your OS version number from Master/Globals Module 8, Special 6.

OS 2.10
The latest version of the Opearting System, which added very useful Akai and Emax II file imports over SCSI.

  • Akai S1000/S1000 File Import - full translation via SCSI
  • EMAX II File Import - full transalation via SCSI
  • Time Compression - changes length without altering pitch
  • Pitch Change - changes pitch without altering length
  • Transform Multiplication - multiplies two samples to create a hybrid
  • Doppler/PAN - moves sample in 2D space with pitch correction
  • Exciter - adds brilliance or 'cut' to a sample

OS 2.03
This version adds some nice DSP effects

  • Sample Calculator - calculates perfect single-cycle loops
  • Change Gain - alters the level of all or part of a sample
  • Sample Rate Convert - any rate from 7-50kHz
  • Digital Tuning - retunes samples by +/-1 octave
  • Compressor - full-function dynamic compressor
  • Parametric EQ - Digital EQ with 12dB boost and 48dB cut
  • Reverse Section - reverses all or part of a sample
  • Stereo-Mono - converts Mono to Stereo and vice versa
  • Swap Sides - swaps the sides of a stereo sample
  • DC Filter - removes DC offset from sample
  • Flip-Flop Keys - toggle Note On (press a key to start a sample, press again to turn it off -- useful for long sound effect ambiences)
  • Polyphonic Portamento - Glide with time up to 32 seconds/octave
  • EG Attack Slope - selectable Envelope Attack, Linear or Logarithmic

OS 1.31
This version added support for the EIIIx Remote Control software, plus:

  • Audition Sample from Hard Disk - to listen to samples on hard disk in real time before they are loaded
  • Scrub Wheel Editing - Use the pitch wheel to move quickly through a digital processing effect
  • Sample Memory Defragmentation - defrags the sample memory thereby making long sampling sessions quicker
  • Monitor Through Sampling - You can listen to the main outputs as you sample
  • SCSI Problems with the Mac Quadra eliminated
  • Undo mode is saved in EEPROM
  • Cursors editing of samples works properly

OS 1.12
This is an early version - possibly first customer ship.

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